There Is More To Do At The Grand Than Just Watch A Show

There Is More To Do At The Grand Than Just Watch A Show

There Is More To Do At The Grand Than Just Watch A Show 1684 1123 Joe Patti

When many people picture themselves at The Grand, they imagine spending time enjoying a performance with family and friends or showing their support through donations.

There are actually quite a few other ways to become involved with The Grand and learn interesting things about our historic performing arts venue.

Volunteer – Most people who volunteer at The Grand Opera House participate as ushers during performances. They have an opportunity to see portions of every touring performance, concert and movie at The Grand while being the welcoming face for both familiar friends and new visitors to our community.

We will be having a small reception to catch up with our devoted volunteers at the end of August. It will also be an opportunity for anyone interested in joining as a new member to chat with people who have seen great performances over the years.

For more information about the gathering or to learn more about volunteering, contact Sarah Deck at 478-301-5464 or

Back Stage With Bob – Bob Mavity is the iconic tech director at The Grand. He is renowned as a problem-solver — not just at The Grand, but in other parts of Macon and across the state. But he will tell you, no big problem can be solved alone. Longtime crew members like Ty, Brendan, Tony, Paul, Kam, Vance, Patrick, and Tom have been a big part of The Grand Opera House’s success.

Backstage work is often intermittent over the course of a year, but if you are the type of person interested in a paid opportunity that reveals the secrets behind the amazing effects that light up the stage, contact Bob at 478-301-5465 to be added to our list and special social media group.

Circle of Friends – In recent years we have had gatherings of people who have been enthusiastic attendees of The Grand. We started the little parties as a way to get some feedback from people, but it quickly became clear that the real benefit was people being able to meet and chat with each other in a way they couldn’t before a show or at intermission.

While these people are supporters of The Grand, they have definitely voiced a lot of opinions about what could be better.

In the past year, there have been many people who started attending events for the first time, or first time in a very long time. Whether you have been a regular attendee for years or someone who has just started, if you think The Grand could be better than it is and do a better job at being welcoming and accessible to our whole community, we would love to have you join us for some snacks and conversation.

To find out about the next gathering, contact Sarah Deck at 478-301-5464 or