Theater Etiquette

When people think of attending a performance, especially at a place with the long history of The Grand, they imagine there are all sorts of special rules they need to follow. Actually, most of the rules are pretty much common sense.

Here are a couple things to know:

    • Please arrive early for the performance. We know you don’t want to be moving around in a dark theater trying to find your seat during a performance.
    • We hate to hold you at the door after the show starts. You have probably had people try to squeeze by trying to find their seats, blocking your view during a really amazing show. The performers don’t like that happening to audiences either, so they often ask us to hold late comers at the door.
    • We can tell you how long the show will be and when intermission will happen. If you are concerned about needing to use the restroom or having enough time to grab some snacks and a drink without disturbing those around you, the ushers and house managers can usually tell you roughly how long you might have to wait – so feel free to ask.
    • Cellphones, photos and recording. Most of the time, this is a no-no. Please don’t use your cell phone to make or take calls during a performance. If it is actually quiet enough to hold a conversation, you are probably disturbing people around you. Most times, taking pictures or recording a performance is prohibited and the artists’ contracts require our staff to ask you to stop. Often recording is a dangerous distraction or a violation of copyright licenses. However, there are some groups that don’t mind it or even encourage it. An announcement about these preferences is usually made at the start of the show so keep your eyes and ears open. For press and media, taking any photos for the use of sale or publication during a performance must be approved in advance by our Marketing Director in writing.
    • The Grand Opera House is over 115 years old and stains easily. Currently drinks may be brought inside the theater in a Grand Opera House Tumbler. We also allow bottled water purchased at the theater. We are working on finding food and drink options which are relatively easy to clean up and won’t damage furniture and surfaces. We hope to be a little more permissive about food in the future.