About Us

A Grand Mission

The Grand is a vibrant community-assembly resource for all residents of Macon – Bibb County, as well as a draw for cultural tourism that can significantly impact the success of Macon’s downtown and corresponding economic vitality.

It is our mission to nurture an appreciation of the Arts in all citizens of Central Georgia, especially its youngest citizens, through attracting the presentation of quality productions as well as an immersion into a treasured architectural artifact that reflects 133 years of Macon’s history.

And finally, as a performing arts center of Mercer University, the Grand Opera House seeks to champion excellence in all its departments, inclusive of personnel, business practices, and financial outcomes, in order to provide outstanding opportunities and customer service to patrons, user groups, and visiting artists.


We seek to make the Grand Opera House the best-known Georgia venue outside of the Atlanta area through inventiveness in programming, approach, community engagement, and cultural tourism.

Competence and Teamwork

A small team requires excellence in each person’s area of responsibility as well as effective responsiveness to the needs of our guests, audiences, and the rest of the members of the team.


Each of us is deeply committed to organizational and personal integrity in every facet of our job performance.


We know how to take our limited resources and stretch them to the utmost through creative problem-solving and artist/audience engagement.


We don’t say no; we eagerly ask how we can make it happen. We don’t create problems; we proactively assess and solve them before they are allowed to occur.