My Favorite Patron by Sarah Deck

My Favorite Patron by Sarah Deck

My Favorite Patron by Sarah Deck 6000 4000 Julia Morrison

Sarah Deck is our new Director of Patron Services and Rentals for The Grand Opera House. Check out her perspective on what it’s like to give service to a historic institution:

For better or worse, patrons are what make the job interesting. If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, than you know exactly what I mean. When I was college student, I worked in the box office at The Grand as a Box Office Clerk. I answered the phones during my shifts, meaning I was interacting with our patrons directly on a regular basis.

On this particular day, I received a phone call from an older man looking to buy tickets to see Gregg Allman play. As I helped him pick out his seats, this kind man regaled me with his tales of the past. He told me about how he had also went to Mercer University, lived next door to Gregg when he was younger, saw the Allman Brothers play at a small club downtown where he talked with the band, and so on.

Before he got off the phone, he told me how much he appreciated me taking the time to listen to him. He said that it was important to tell these stories to keep Macon’s history alive. I couldn’t have agreed more! As a lifelong Maconite (and Allman Brothers fan) it was such a special treat for me to take his phone call and learn his history.

For the first time since I had started working at the Grand, I felt like I was a part of something larger than myself.

Just by answering that call and being willing to listen, I was able to create a great experience for this patron. We made a connection that truly made me love working at The Grand Opera House and interacting with patrons. Nearly six years later, my love for The Grand and our patrons has only grown as I have moved up from Box Office Clerk all the way to the incoming Director of Patron Services and Rentals.

As I settle into my new position, I hope to continue to create amazing patron experiences for each person who walks through the door. If there is anything I can do to help make your experience GRAND don’t hesitate to let me know!

She does more than sell tickets. Want to plan a special event – like a birthday private movie screening, a historic downtown wedding reception, or the perfect community concert? Contact Sarah here to stop dreaming and start doing.