Seeing What You Love With The People You Love In The Place You Love

Seeing What You Love With The People You Love In The Place You Love

Seeing What You Love With The People You Love In The Place You Love 2048 1365 Joe Patti

We love it when people ask us to present performances of different shows and musical groups. That tells us that when people want to see stuff they love, they are thinking about The Grand Opera House as the place they want to see it.

We do keep a list of suggestions, but there are many reasons why we may not be able to present the show. Sometimes it is just that the performers aren’t planning on touring or coming near Macon. So it might not happen this year, but the stars could align in the future.

It may be the show requires a bigger stage than we have. It may be that the show would be better in a smaller venue or a place you can get up and dance.

Some shows people suggest ask such a large performance fee, no one would be able to afford the ticket.

When we contract a show, we are doing a lot more than just thinking about whether the show will make money. The Grand Opera House, like so many other non-profit organizations around Macon, is always thinking about whether we are doing a good job serving the community.

National surveys tell us that the top reason people don’t participate creative arts organizations, whether it be theaters, museums, galleries, concerts, dance performances, libraries, classes, etc., is that they don’t see themselves or their stories being depicted.

Also near the top of the list of reasons is not having anyone to go with you. People value sharing new experiences with family and friends. We love it when people tell us they attended The Grand or saw a particular show when they were young now they are introducing a child, grandchild or friend to The Grand or the show they loved.

But with everyone’s busy schedule, it can be tough finding a buddy to see stuff with. Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia, people will have the opportunity to make new friends with whom they can share new experiences –not just at The Grand, but other area organizations. Keep an eye open for details (Hint: It also involves going to fun places, chatting, and snacking.)

There have been multiple times in The Grand Opera House’s 115 year existence that the community has rallied around it to keep the doors open. We feel like we owe something back so we think very seriously and have long conversations about how we can make better decisions in order to helping people like you see themselves and their stories.

So you will see us at On The Table sessions, meetings for Macon’s Cultural Masterplan and neighborhood community meetings.

No need to wait until a meeting is called to tell us what you are thinking. You can chat with us whenever you see us, whether we are in the lobby or out shopping at the supermarket or in a restaurant eating lunch.


We send surveys out after each of our events so it would be great if you could take a few moments to answer them.

However, if you and your friends want to be more involved and make sure you are being heard, we recently created a Circle of Friends, a group that meets periodically to chat about the future at The Grand.

We would love to have you participate. If you are good at chatting and eating snacks, sign up here.

-Joe Patti is the Executive Director of The Grand Opera House.