My Grand Family

My Grand Family

My Grand Family 372 499 Nikki Vincent

I always tell people that I have grown up at The Grand — and that’s not a lie. I really feel like I have.

Nikki dressed up as a Mercer student clerk

I remember coming to the GrandKids series as an elementary school kid, being excited that I was out of school for the day and being thrilled that I got to enjoy things that “big people” get to enjoy. I remember the feathers on the Native American dancers’ clothing and the drumming that I felt down in my toes as I watched them dance on Mulberry. I remember fondly the smell of the chalk that I got to use on the Grand’s sidewalk as part of an arts event. I’m sure my mother remembers it as well, since I wore more of the chalk dust than the sidewalk did.

As a Mercer student, I was given the opportunity to work in the Box Office as a student ticket clerk, which thrilled me beyond belief. I thought that it was going to just be a fun job to hold my senior year.

Little did I know that returning to the place I remember fondly from my childhood to “just sell tickets” would lead to me discovering my passion, my career, my second family.

One of the greatest joys I have had in working at The Grand is that I have been able to go on a journey with many of you as The Grand has evolved and developed. We have experienced many changes together, the good (hello bathrooms!) and the ugly (…I know that some of you still miss the center aisle.) Through the years I have been blessed to have grown to know many of you on a personal level. Through The Grand, I’ve become part of your lives and you’ve become part of mine.

With The Grand Family at a reception

Nothing thrills me more to see Sloan and Sam Oliver at church on Sunday morning, and get a big hug and an invitation to sit with them. Or seeing Susan Hake out and about in Macon, hearing her opinion of the most recent event and taking notes on what The Grand should consider in the future. Or taking selfies with Elaine Evans in the lobby before she goes to her seat for the night. There are many more of you out there. If I tried to name you all, they may not let me post here again.

I say all of this to tell you that I consider each and every person that walks through this door an extension of my Grand Family. You are the reason I come to work every day and strive to make your experience nothing short of phenomenal. I genuinely enjoy the connection and bonds we share and hope that my Grand Family will continue to expand.

With the shadow cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show after a successful performance

I currently serve as The Grand’s Director of Rentals and Patron Services.

Whew. That title sure is a mouthful.

Essentially, I am here for you. If you have a ticketing concern, email me. Have an issue you want to report, come find me in the lobby at a show. Need to discuss your season tickets? Let’s set up a meeting to walk through The Grand together. Want to chat about a fun experience you have, call me. I’m your girl.

Like I said, I consider you family. Family leans on one another. Feel free to lean on me. I can be reached at 478-301-5461 and

-Nikki Vincent is the Director of Rentals and Patron Services for The Grand Opera House