COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

The Grand Opera House is committed to promoting healthy behaviors and sanitation measures to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors, volunteers, artists, and staff. However, in any place people gather, there is a risk of exposure to COVID-19, a contagious disease which can cause severe illness.

The Grand Opera House will follow all local, state, federal and CDC guidelines in operating our facility.

Additionally, The Grand is dedicated to the following to ensure public safety:

Creating marked pathways for social distanced entry through the lobby, box office, CenterState Room bar, and in the aisle. Staff members or volunteers will indicate how to proceed.

Enhancing sanitation procedures throughout the venue and providing antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer.

Contactless measures for purchasing tickets and concessions will be encouraged, to include online ticket purchases, digital ticket delivery, and the use of credit cards instead of cash within the venue.

Thank you for understanding and The Grand Opera House is excited to welcome you into the space.