Purchase Your Broadway Subscription at The Grand!

Purchase Your Broadway Subscription at The Grand!

Purchase Your Broadway Subscription at The Grand! 864 540 Julia Morrison

The Broadway Series held at The Grand Opera House are the only Broadway national tours in Central Georgia. We have tickets on sale now for a subscription to all four shows. All Broadway shows have two nights of performances, so you can pick a subscription for Night #1 or Night #2.

Become a subscriber and save! Enjoy special savings for your Broadway tickets at The Grand and make the experience your own in your guaranteed seats. Don’t miss a single moment from lights up to final curtain.

Season Ticket Prices

  • Area 1: $246 (plus taxes and fees)
  • Area 2: $209 (plus taxes and fees)
  • Area 3 and Box Seats: $193 (plus taxes and fees)

Buy online, in person at our box office or over the phone at 478-301-5470. Additionally, subscribers to the previous season have had their seats held for them. Do not use the links below if you are a previous subscriber. To renew, they can contact the box office, complete and return the renewal form that will be mailed to them in the coming days, and they have received an email from our ticket site, Tixr (noreply@tixr.com) with an invoice that they can use to renew.

NEW! We have a new and improved online ticket system. If you’ve bought tickets at The Grand before, go to thegrandmacon.tixr.com and create a new account using the same email address as your previous account.

Subscribe to Night #1 Now

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Why subscribe?

  • Subscribers get the best seats at the best prices: By being a subscriber to all four shows, you save money off the ticket price for individual performances. Additionally, during the summer Broadway tickets are subscription-only – meaning you’ll get the best seats before the general public.
  • Saved you a seat: When you choose to subscribe, your preferred seat is retained for you for the following year when you renew. Love that aisle seat? Want to make sure you’re always front row center? Subscription is the best way to ensure that. This year, we have added back the center aisles in the orchestra – so subscribe to be sure to grab those prime seats year after year!
  • Special perks for season members: Season subscribers will get special perks, like learning about the new season first or a subscriber gift during the show. Everyone will know you’re part of the club!
  • Keep Broadway in Macon: By subscribing, you’re ensuring a broad base of support that can help us keep Broadway touring productions coming to The Grand for future years.